Rohe, Randall E.
Ghosts of the Forest, Vanished Lumber Towns of Wisconsin
Volume I
Forest History Association of Wisconsin
Original Date

From the Minutes of the Wisconsin Forest History Assn, November 2, 2000 (in Chips and Sawdust, 2001):
"Publication Financing

"Director Rohe gave an update on publishing his book Ghosts of the Forest: Vanished Lumber Towns of Wisconsin. He distributed quotations from The Print Shop and Thomas Press for printing the book in hard over, and printing a dust jacket in full color. Rohe proposed that he would supply the dust jackets, distribute copies for review, and provide storage, sales and distribution at no cost to FHAW. Rohe stated he will prepare and enter a contract with FHAW providing that all book sale proceeds will go to FHAW until FHAW recovers its total investment; after FHAW has recovered its investment book sale proceeds will be divided on a basis of 60% to FHAW and 40% to Rohe. FHAW will be the publisher, Rohe will retain the copyright.

“A motion was made by Benson, supported by Baumann, to approve financing publication of the book and dust jacket by The Print Shop up to a maximum of $25,000.00 including overrun. The selling price will be determined by he FHAW Board of Directors after final costs are known. The author is to be provided thirty complimentary copies for review and distribution. Motion carried, all in favor.”

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake
  • Minocqua Public Library