Village of Star Lake, Wis., Nearly Wiped Out by Forest Fires; Loss Placed at $100,000
Sious City Journal, July 3, 1910, p. 1.
Sioux Cityk, Iowa
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The fire was not at Star Lake, Star Lake is the telegraph office. The population estimate of 100 could apply to either Buswell or Star, there is no way to know. That would probably fit Star Lake in the years after the Star Lake mill closed.

For more on the Buswell fire see Forest Fires Do Damage.

From sassmaster.tripod.html, downloaded 8/8/2020:

"Buswell Lumber & Manufacturing Co.

"Company operations were based out of a village called Buswell, which was located on Papoose Lake, on the end of a Milwaukee branch that stretches west from Boulder Jct. Operations began in 1905 and ended in 1910 when the Buswell mill burned. The Milwaukee Road line from Boulder Jct. to Buswell remained in operation until 1919 serving various other logging interests."

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake

Star Lake, Wis., July 2,--Forest fires which have been raging here for two days have destroyed the Buswell mill and lumber yards and fourteen Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad cars. The town is almost totally destroyed and he damage is estimated at $100,000. Star Lake has a population of about 100.