Star Lake Breezes
Minocqua Time, March 19, 1896
Original Date

C. W. Hooper, editor, notes: "We have secured a new correspondent at Star Lake [Idler, presumably a pseudonym] and from the indications of this week's communication he will evidently prove to be a poet]."

The following residents are mentioned: Mrs. Hale; Mr. Kennison, timekeeper for the Co.; Chas Less, assistant filer at the mill; and Gene Bisby.

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake
  • Minocqua Public Library
  • UW Madison/Wis Hist Soc

Fish! Fish! Everywhere, but not an ounce to eat;

The situation is awful! It really can't be beat;

We've saltfish, codfish and herring by the score,

but not a pound of fresh fish,

Has Yerka in the store.

The lakes are fairly swarming

With muskallonge [sic] and bass,

And trout that bite at anything

From flannel rags to grass;

But our fishermen are lazy,

This truth we can't disguise,

They'd rather sit and smoke and swap

Their concentrated lies.

F. Bisby visited with relatives last week.

Progressive cluch (?) seems to have captivated the fun lovers at present.

Mrs. Hale, who has been very sick for months past, we are glad to state is on the road to recovery.

Mr. Kennison, timekeeper for the Co., was dangerously sick last week but at present is able to be up attending to his duties.

A quartet of expert fishermen made a trip to Ballard lake last Sunday, cut holes through two feet of ice, fished some, swore some and as a reward captured a magnificent aggregate of three perch about ??? long.

A beautiful tablescarf, the handiwork of Mrs. Buncombe of Merrill, was raffled off at the boarding house last Saturday evening. Chas. Lee, assistant filer at the mill, held the winning number that drew the coveted prize.

A number of serious accidents to men at work in the camps north of here, a wrecked engine on the logging road, and minor mishaps too numerous ot mention occurred last Friday. It was unlucky for Friday that they came on that day for it gave her an additional reputation.

Gene Bisby's new yacht, which was built by F. J. Thrun of Minocqua, arrived last week. The finishing touches, in the way of a propeller, paint, etc., will be added before long and everything made right and tight for the trial trip that will take place as soon as the lake is open.

Only a short time before the annual election of town officers. Wouldn't it be advisable to be represented in the official list by at least a Justice of the Peace? Mating time will soon be here and no doubt a number of our young ladies and gentlemen intend to test the bliss of double harness. An officer with authority to tie matrimonial knots would at once be useful as well as ornamental. IDLER.