Barefoot Charlie

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    Barefoot Charlie, who really did go barefoot most of the time, summer and winter, ran a restaurant and tavern, Barefoot Charlie's, on Highway 45 just south of Land O'Lakes. It operated in the 1940's into the 1960's. His unique bar was contributed to the No topic [171 land o'lakes historical museum] for display about 2006. In August, 2007, Land O'Lakes inaugurated a Barefood Charlie Fest--a day of fun and music. Action, August 2007, P. 59.

    Charles P. Forbes
    August 4, 2007
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    Land O'Lake Chamber of Commerce. Land O'Lakes Celebrates Barefoot Charlie Fest. [Up North ACTION, August, 2007, 59.] Tomahawk, 2007. View Full Entry (Full text available)

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