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    John Oliver worked for Western Feltworks of Chicago. According to Gladys Mykleby:

    In 1909, John Oliver bought the hotel and he and his wife operated it as a summer vacation hotel until 1942. He had changed the name of the hotel from Waldheim to Oliver's Lodge in 1914. From 1942 to 1944 the property was owned by Joseph No topic [forbes aldous] but was not in operation. Early History, 1969, 2nd to last page John Oliver and his wife retired to the Ben Hur Home in Crawfordsville, Indiana in 1944. At least once the Aldous family visited the Olivers in Crawfordsville.## GUESTS OF OLIVER LODGE\nThe HELLYER and SILVERTHORNE families were among the first guests of Oliver Lodge. They were owners of the Western Feltworks in Chicago and came to Oliver Lodge because of their connection with former employee John Oliver. On their visits to the area the canoed around the neighboring lakes and fell in love with land at High Lake, which they purchased in 1919. They built cabins there, and the family compound still thrives (2003). There story is told in a little booklet written by Jaque Reed (a Silverthorne). Jaque is the wife of Frank Reed, a descendant of HENRY FAROUT, whom he indicates had also been a guest of the Oliver's Lodge. [Charles Forbes interview with Frank and Jaque Reed, and Mary Silverthorne, at High Lake, August 10, 2003] Among the cottages at Oliver's Lodge were "Hellyer" and "Silverthorne" . Whether these names came from the fact that they were used exclusively (or almost exclusively) by those families, or whether they participated in building the cottages is not known. The names were never used by the Theels at North Star Lodge, but were by the guests that remained from the Oliver era. The Hellyer Cottage was a large cottage on the hill above what was called the Three Spot (left from the lodge, first cottage on left). It burned in the early years of North Star Lodge. The Silverthorne Cottage was in the field further down that path. The Theels used it for a housekeeping cottage, and Loraine Theel retained it for personal use when she sold the lodge. [Charles Forbes personal recollections.]

    The FORBES family first visited Star Lake in 1908, and returned almost every summer staying at Oliver Lodge (and then North Star Lodge) until they build their own cottages in 1932 (Joseph Aldous and Harriet Forbes Aldous) and 1955 (James and Muriel Forbes with their son, Charles). The family came in large numbers, often bringing cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws and friends. For years they stayed in the Bird Cottage, in the property later owned by Win Thompson and not by his son-in-law Roger Schmeling. That cottage burned (date uncertain), and they stayed in other cottages. Their last summer before the war was 1941, and the group consisted of Jim and Muriel Forbes and their sons Charles Forbes and Jim and Bob McKelvey. Staying at Lowwood, the Aldous cottage, that summer were Joe and Harriet Aldous and his mother Blanche Aldous. Jim Forbes' and Harriet Aldous mother, Mary, was there, staying either at the lodge or at Lowwood.

    Known members of the family that stayed at Oliver Lodge, in addition to those noted above: James Aldous, Elizabeth Caldwell, Alexander Forbes, Helen Forbes.

    Known guests that joined the family at Oliver Lodge at least one summer: Mary Davis [Fn]

    Charles P. Forbes
    August 9, 2006
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