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    Though it retains its legal name as the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, it has recently chosen to refer to itself as the Wisconsin Historical Society. The Society is a unique amalgamation of a governmental body, responsible for the official records of the State of Wisconsin, and private society, responsible for furthering the study of the history of Wisconsin and beyond.

    It's library, on the campus of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, contains one of the outstanding historical collections in the country. It can be searched through the Madcat catalog of the University of Wisconsin Library, and can be located by a Google search for the word "madcat." Of particular interest to local historians is a virtually exhaustive microfilm collection of newspapers printed in Wisconsin, since the beginning of printed newspapers in the state. It maintains branch archives throughout the state, with the ones in No topic [shswashland ashland] and Stevens Point being of greatest interest regarding the Northwoods.

    It provides recognition to local affiliate historical societies. For further information regarding local affiliates in the Northwoods, see the subtopic Local Affiliates (Left).

    Charles P. Forbes
    December 29, 2009
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